Sunday, 28 October 2007

The chacra diaries pt 4: The problems begin

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thisdoesntlooklikekansas said...

I have, with great admiration, sent messages to about 20 of my shamanic studies friends, with links to your two youtube segments of Jacques Mabit speaking about the Myth of Justice, and the Myth of Love. All the people who have sent me their comments have found these to be fascinating.

I first read about Jacques Mabit and Takiwasi in issue #73 (late 2006) of "Shaman's Drum", an America magazine about shamanic studies.

Will there be a further segment, in which Monsieur Mabit goes on to elucidate on the nature of the Myth of Freedom. (And I _have_ been trying to extrapolate what it would be, but I don't think I have gotten any likely ideas yet.)

Many, many congratulations on this fine bit of documentary!

sarina75 said...

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LG said...


Glad you liked. Yes, there will be a further segment about the myth of freedom, should be up soon, but before I wanted to post a segment from anthropologist Josep Maria Fericgla