Saturday, 9 June 2007

Chemical sensitivity and Post-dieta

Surfing the web I found this documentary, about people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and their struggles to find a place to live that isn't toxic for them.

Interestingly their situation reminded me very much to the state of extreme sensibility one finds oneself after a long Amazonian dieta. Many of the substances that they have to avoid (perfumes, car exhausts, etc.) are the same as the things that will "cross" (cutipar) a dieta.

¿Could the two situations be somewhat related? One (the dieta) being a voluntary and eventually reversible descent into a physiologically similar area, while the other (the sickness) being involuntary and apparently irreversible process?

Some food for through there.

If you are wondering what the city feels like after coming out of a long dieta it's definitely worth watching the trailer

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elio said...

this is something incredible i had never heard of but somewhat it doesn't surprise too much!
great blog you have here, congrats for your documentary as well!