Monday, 1 September 2008

Jaguars consume ayahuasca

Most fascinating video of a jaguar eating and then reacting to caapi leaves.

Nature documentaries are notoriously staged affairs pulled together form many sources recorded at different times. Obviously part of the shot is staged, the vine itself is too perfectly placed before the camera, with the leaves just at the right height... But I´d really like to find out if this behavior has really been observed in the wild. Taking in consideration the relationship between ayahuasca and jaguars in many native Amazonian cultures the fact that jaguars would purge on Caapi vine would be -I´d say- a most significant discovery.

Any zoologists reading this who could scan the literature and confirm?

UPDATE 4/1/09: We´ve gotten confirmation that somewhere it was published that it was observed that jaguars like to sniff ayahuasca leaves.... any additional info will be much appreciated
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